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Customers reguarly ask if network performance is fast enough from a virtual machine hosted on Hyper-V. I wanted to post some numbers, this is from a moderately busy Hyper-V server on our network to an OpenSolaris based NAS.  The reason for this test was actually to troubleshoot some network errors however I found the results interesting enough to post them...

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OpenSolaris is likely THE best NAS platform available today, with it's ZFS filesystem, Active Directory Integration, etc.  However it doesn't always work as planned..

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I often get asked for my opinion of mobile phones, do I prefer iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm, Android, etc. 

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My worst storage nightmare is that you loose the data, through an upgrade especially or an os bug.  Luckily I can still sleep, it wasn't me :-)

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.Net : Fetching a web page that has a SSL warning/error aborts - WebRequest error - how to work around replacing the SSL validator ( ServerCertificateValidationCallback )

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If you manage a mail server you likely run into a situation from time to time where you'd like a report of how many messages are delayed for each destination domain..

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