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I was in a chat room of a presentation put on by IBM and Microsoft last week and one question was about SQL Server running inside Hyper-V. There was no great answer that I found, so I decided to.......

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Do you know what's new with your clients or prospects?

Do you know you can get notified anytime someone or something is mentioned on the Internet?

There's a free service by ....

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I saw this question on LinkedIn and wanted to blog about it..

Try to get them to use LinkedIn is the best, sigh.

Other methods: Meet people on LinkedIn, one method to do that is to answer questions (like yours), get rated the best answer and/or start other discussions so people feel like recommending you based on that confidence - However you'll need .... READ MORE...

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Perhaps your web server is slow, where should you start looking.

NOTE: This is a technical blog post for people who have administrative access to the server.

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We received a question tonight about why do some pages on web sites stretch and others not? The customer had one particular page which was wider than the others..  Read more about the solution and watch a quick tutorial explaining how to find the problem..

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Sometimes you accidentally add a module to your site and need to remove it, this can easily be done by..

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Do you have print brochures for your business?

Would you like to get these brochures online so that prospects can download and print them out themselves?

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I have made a quick video tutorial about how to add an event (for example a phone call made or received) to your account's history in your CRM

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I have made a quick tutorial about how to add a new lead to your CRM system provided by BitShop. 

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You may have recently seen articles talking about NetBooks, newer Smart Phones, iPhones, and more.

Personally let me first say why you may NEED one (yes, need, not want). Take myself for exampleI have (for several years) had dual windows mobile smart phones (different networks / technologies for the wireless signal), and dual laptops I "lug" around.  Would I appreciate a new phone and a netbook or think it's just more of the same?

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