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  I migrated a Windows 2003 server with mouse "Enhance pointer precision" turned on - I have an issue with this setting and a physical KVM over IP so this isn't "your" bug - But you've removed the ability to use most VNC clients that I can get around this with (because they allow me to send various extra keys). 

After a few hours of finding out abut sendkey and remembering a LOT of keyboard shortcuts I got the new NIC IP configured and was able to RDP to the server to fix this - However it cost me migrating in a maint window and a LOT of headache due to removing any way for me to use a traditional VNC client.

But what is the problem?

1) I can't send ANY keyboard after clicking the menu (see below)
2) I can't send Alt-Tab
3) I can't send Control-Escape / Windows Key
4) I can't send enter through sendkey

Why can't I send ANY keyboard keys after clicking the menu? I have to click in the graphic to have the java interface realize I want to type - But I then can't type because I've clicked on a different (wrong) spot on the screen (in the guest, hence what I tried to do lost focus).

How did I work around this?

I had a laptop and my desktop, using laptop to ssh and sendkey and desktop for anything else - It was a mess.

Attached is Control Panel - Mouse settings to show where this option is if others encounter it.

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