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Author: Steve Radich - Founder BitShop, Inc. Created: 2/17/2009 3:24 PM
Weekly Tips: Published Every Tuesday

SQL Server has the ability to define views - at the simplest level a view is a select query, usually joining mulitple tables, and usually with a where clause - which you will commonly use.  For simplicity in your programming it's common to use a view insead of show the select / join / where statements in every query..

However what if your view is slow? 

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This is a quick video walk through of how to add downloadable files to your menu in DotNetNuke.


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You'll have to click read more to see the screen shot and fully appreciate the fact my computer KNEW it was nice out and that I was tired anyway.

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VNC is a remote control package that's cross platform, this tip is for those already familiar with vnc usage.

You may connect regularly to the same vnc servers for various management tasks, it would be handy to be able to give users / other staff a vnc shortcut file they can double click to open..


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So today I log into my computer and see the following message come in via Skype:


Is this a scam? Does Microsoft post via Skype to the world? No, they don't..

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If you can't print a file attachment in your gmail account then it's likely google not actually sending the attachment to your computer.  The interface can print, it's just a bit confusing - especially if you have scrolled down the page..

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I often get asked for my opinion of mobile phones, do I prefer iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm, Android, etc. 

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I get asked from time to time about free antivirus software recommendations.. Read my opinion on this topic..

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Do you know what's new with your clients or prospects?

Do you know you can get notified anytime someone or something is mentioned on the Internet?

There's a free service by ....

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