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This is generally a fairly simple problem, the password in the database is using the older short hash method instead of the newer method.  To fix you just...

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If you are like most businesses, or even homes, a wireless bridge is a handy device - You may have a wireless network, but then you either need to tie in a second wire network to it, or perhaps just use the bridge for a single device (game systems used to be a common need). But what do you buy?

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So you get frustrated with your computer, server, network, whatever? Well, let's try this at a data center...

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Ever had to troubleshoot domain authentication failing due to time sync problems (perhaps like my last post about OpenSolaris NAS).  Well it turns out the OpenSolaris NAS wasn't the problem, everything else was.. How could SEVERAL machines times be off you ask? Well...

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I had a list server post tonight I saw asking:

our asp site is taking very high cpu usage what are the reasons for such high usage.

we have used stored procedures n also indexed the tables


is it possible to detect CPU usage and display a custom message to users in case it is very high to hold them for some time

I wanted to take a minute to answer a few things on this post since it's a fairly common question.

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We've been running an OpenSolaris based NAS for over a year now, relatively problem free.  Suddenly several backups (most actually) failed with "The specified network password is not correct".  Other backups worked fine.

The accounts getting this error were random, we don't see a pattern as to why some failed and others worked, however the solution is...

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In Vista / Windows Server 2008 Task Scheduler sometimes you want to run a task as a domain user. If your domain was set up with all defaults this works fine, i.e. Windows 2000 Netbios name matching the domain name - For others this needs a hotfix..

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I've been known by some people to say cloud is a term, not a shift of technology - however like most in the industry I embrace it for clarification to potential customers.  However this is a good video about...

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I had a question get escalated to me today about log rotation when running Apache on windows.  On *nix this is simple enough, apachectl graceful then move about files as you please.. On windows there's no apachectl and no method to do a graceful restart that I found..  The solution is fairly simple though..

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