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So you think your new $500 cell phone (before discounts) can keep your phone numbers in it? Well, perhaps if you make a web page with a link to them.. Or use a computer to save them.. But not on your phone..

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I've already voiced my opinion pretty loudly about the upload cap on the Epic, which has a "premium" data plan and one Sprint web page I saw said because of extra upload speed.. Well, it's only 1/4 the speed of "non-premium" data plans so that seems bad..

But what about shooting a video? It works good, if it saves it (read more below), or adb (Android Debug Bridge)? Why does it randomly exit when you try to use it? How about USB data to get your pictures and videos off? Nope, that doesn't work either.

But let's try something really simple..  Save a contact on the phone, adios, gone.

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The Sprint Epic 4g is the latest and greatest Android cell phone by Sprint.   It's speed is supposed to be incredible, but is it? My test numbers below show it not only losing to an older model phone, but losing quite badly..

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Like many admins from time to time I need a quick script, since I'm a .Net programmer and also admin of plenty of systems I exceed my bash / perl knowledge in various situations and turn to .Net - Usually this is no issue but today it is.

I need my script to run on OpenSolaris, I could have someone else here write what I need but it's just as easy to write it as to explain it for this fairly trivial script.

So I dug into installing Mono on OpenSolaris and found no simple directions... until now...

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