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In MailEnable you may get an error 'No Messages Selected' when you try to open a folder in the webmail client.  This error can easily be resolved by... READ MORE..

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I ran across a query today asking for some basic tips in SQL Performance troubleshooting for developers, so I decided to write an answer on our developer resources web site..

READ MORE : - Tips for performance troubleshooting on SQL Server

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Spam Spam, go away.. come again some other... nah... don't come again...

Spam has gotten to be a major problem for everyone, spam robs you of your time you could spend donig something productive.

There are several great open source solutions available to help assist you in fighting your incoming spam, if you only have the time to set them up.

Here at BitShop we've taken the best components and built... READ MORE...

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For a limited time we are going to offer an ABSOLUTELY FREE web site analysis and tips to improve YOUR web site - This is PERSONALIZED FOR YOU - including ....  READ MORE..

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Some people ask me, why would I pay for ____ when _____ does it free? Perhaps YouTube videos versus on your own site.

There's PLENTY of reasons, for example the recent news story...

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This is a tutorial about how to blog from Microsoft Word 2007 using BitShop's Easy Editing Web Site Enhancement Service or DotNetNuke.

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Steve Radich, Founder of BitShop.Com (Business Innovation Technology Shop) has committed to donating a full week of his time enhancing any Rotary Club web site who asks us for help.  Hosting of the sites will be free. The week of work will be scheduled sometime in Feb 2009.

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Personally, I've been a closed networker - Until Today, Jan 13th, 2009.  Why did I change? How open am I now?

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Quick tutorial about how to "blog" with your site hosted at BitShop

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