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Written by:Steve Radich - Founder BitShop, Inc.
5/4/2012 1:54 AM 

 I tried upgrading Taboonay, which is the custom rom currently on it. I downloaded  [ICS4.0.3] Taboonay 3.0.1 and installed with no problems (well, i tried not to clear data first, even though it said required.. once I cleared data it installed fine)..

I had no 3g modem found / no AT&T service.

I tinkered around with it a while then decided time to move to another rom.

I then decided to try TegraOwners ICS v162. This had a few tweaks to enable to 3g - mount system read/write, edit /system/build.prop and comment out wifi-only line.. 

Once installed and this edit done 3g worked fine.

There was a minor inconvenience of missing google apps in this rom - but that was simply another .zip to download/install and had very little problem with this.

Once installed all worked, I had a few minor issues with PocketCloud RDP but I've seen a few minor bugs in that so perhaps it was unrelated.

All seems fine, interestingly tihs fixed my download/upload speed problems with AT&T (at least so far, it's late night now)..


Hope this helps someone..

Steve Radich



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