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What is BitShop?

 BitShop is YOUR Business Innovation Technology Shop.

My passion in life is technology. I want to help you, and your
team, solve YOUR most daunting technology challenges.

Steve Radich
Founder of BitShop

We specialize in solving business IT challenges:

  • Performance Troubleshooting / Improvement
  • Web Server Farm (clusters) Hosting
  • SQL Server
  • Storage / Backups

We look forward to learning how we can help improve your business today.


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  1/13/2009 9:30:47 PM
Steve Radich 

Rating: Excellent Info
Why would service expire with no notification?  
I want to share WHY this happens - This wasn't OUR service expiring without notification - We have safeguards in place to MAKE SURE you are past due before we cut off your site for non-payment (not just an accident one day). However if your domain registration expires, IF we aren't managing that for you, then your site can disappear off the internet. This would affect *ANY* web host, not just BitShop.
  12/30/2008 10:00:11 AM

Rating: Great Info
Web server service 
Great service, afew issues with service expiring with no notification
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